DataEgo is an egocentric dataset composed of visual, gyroscope and accelerometer information.

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When using this dataset in your research, please cite us!

The paper for this dataset is Egocentric Activity Recognition on a Budget.
For further details about our dataset, see our Supplementary Material

Dataset Description

You can download our dataset HERE

Single Recording


List of Activities

A single sample is composed of 3 files for video, accelerometer and gyroscope readings respectively. An ID has been assigned for each sample and can be found in the name of each of the 3 files.

Video Description

Sensors Recording Description

* Please replace [xxx] by a sample ID.


Each frame of each video is synchronized to each reading (each line) in the text files for the accelerometer and gyroscope (ACC_REC_[xxx].txt, GYR_REC_[xxx].txt).

In the last column (right) of those files, you will find the proper labels for each single frame/herz.


This dataset is made available for academic use only.


Creative Commons License
Dataego is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Activities Preview